New Year's Eve Party 2019

New Year's Eve with Andy and Sue
at the lovely Sealight Theatre
Worthing College
We are limiting numbers to 72 dancers - this is exactly the same number as our first decade of New Year's Eve events. Almost all the places have now sold.

Entry is now £20 cash in person at one of our dances or £21 on-line, via Paypal, credit card or bank transfer.

I would like to sit with ...
£41 Couple Booking - One man, one woman.

I would like to sit with ...
£21 Gentleman Booking

The story so far ...

The 2018 New Year party at the Warren was our last event at this lovely venue - our swansong. After more than fifteen years of running new year parties and five years of putting our heart and soul into the Warren we had no plans to find a different venue and run a new year event this year. You might even say we were so sad to lose the Warren, we'd lost our MOJO a little bit.

However, at dances in recent weeks we've been really moved by the number of dancers who have told us they REALLY want us to run a new year event. One lady who has attended all but one of our new year parties actually said "if you don't run a party on New Year's Eve I will not be going anywhere else".

We've got our MOJO back!

Always keen to give people what they want, we started looking for a venue. Unfortunately, none of our regular dance venues are available for New Year's Eve. 

Remembering we'd run a successful Rock 'n' Roll event at the lovely Sealight Theatre in Worthing College we asked if the venue is available - the answer is "yes". 

However, despite being a great venue with a perfect dance floor, the Sealight Theatre is just over half the size of the huge dance floor at the Warren - still a nice size for a dance and a lovely dance floor. But we will need to limit numbers to around seventy two so we can have a great night - which means we will also need to balance the sexes. This capacity is the same number as the first ten years of New Year's Eve events.

Like previous New Year's Eve events this event will be very social. We will be coming around with a generous selction of sweet and savoury nibbles, sandwiches, wines, beers, soft drinks, etc. And, of course a Buck's Fizz welcome drink  plus REAL Champagne and New Year shenanegans at midnight ...

.. you do the Hokey Kokey and you turn around.

That's what it's all about.