The Dance Floor is My Happy Place

The Dance Floor Is 
My Happy Place

We have introduced a new guideline to make Rocsters' dance floors our Happy Place. In the words of the Barbra Streisand song in Funny Face:

"Don't bring around a cloud
To Rain on My Parade"

What motivated Andy to introduce this guideline were recent, very opposite, experiences. One very positive and life enriching and a few irritatingly negative and joy sapping.

On the very positive side, there was Andy's recent experience dancing as an extra in a comedy spoof of Dirty Dancing for ITV. Andy was with Keith Lemon, Paddy McGuinness and the fabulous John Barrowmore. All the cast and crew were very positive, seeing the good in everything. From what Andy overheard there is a "no complaining - no moaning" rule. We are now taking that rule and introducing it to our dance floors.

The result of mixing with positive people with a positive outlook was infectious. Everybody went home from that day of filming feeling more positive from the experience. 

Back to the negative side  mentioned above, a few dancers have told us they've had to suffer the odd persistent moaner at dance events and it's left them feeling drained and low. One lady told us she'd left an event early to avoid being dragged down by a particularly negative moaner.

Andy's had the same thing happen himself - a while ago he asked a lady to dance and seconds into the dance she whined "you never ask me to dance". She failed to see that, moments earlier, Andy had actually asked her to dance! She continued to moan about her life, work and health for the whole dance - once in a while coming back to "you never ask me to dance". Andy felt like a soggy punchbag by the end of that song and avoided that lady from that moment on! We are, of course, a dance school, not part of social services or counsellors.

Let's all work hard to make the dance floor at Rocsters classes and events into a happy place. Please don't do or say anything to make it less happy. Of course you can come dancing if your sky is a bit grey, a kind word from a happy person with turn your grey skies blue - but please don't let rain from your grey clouds dampen their spirits.

To quote the great Oscar Wilde "Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.